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Comparing P90X2 vs P90X Routine Review

Health & Wellness P90X2 vs P90X Reviews

Published on August 5th, 2013 | by Best Reviews


Comparing P90X2 vs P90X Routine Review

Well, lets get something out in the air to start off because this may be a long consumer report. This product is absolutely amazing. In the short time we have had to try it out, you can really see the dedication and research that has gone in to it. You will be pushed to your limits. So unless you are in good shape already, you would be best served to stick with the original series instead of the P90X2 workouts. In fact if you are a beginner and in shape, you should still consider the first program. Many of the new routines and moves are spin offs from the original. So having that under your belt can really help out.

P90X vs P90X2 Comparison

P90X2 reviewsOne of the main differences we noticed with P90X2 reviews is that it does not have a specific cardio workout. Two days of rest per week, focuses more on balance, more equipment is needed, the exercises are more difficult on a technical level, the phases have a larger differences. With the original version, your phases are more structured. Also, the Yoga video in the original seems to be better than the new one.
So one thing you need to be clear on is that this is not the same program. The original you can expect to most likely be sore for pretty much the whole routine. With P90X2 routine you will not be as much pain from sore muscles, because as the phases progress it is more gradual. You will be sore, but it is not quite as intense but again much more technical and focuses on more body parts. The goal is to work on your core and muscle foundations. Speed, Balance and Strength will be your new focuses.

As mentioned the program structure is a little different. If you have done the original version, you will recall working out six days a week, while doing the same routine for three weeks. Then you would go into recovery mode for a week where you do six lower impact workouts. These would be more geared towards stretching, core building and of course recovering from the intense past few weeks.

In X2 it works a little different. That original three week period is now far more streamlined. An evolution like they call it. You can be doing the same workout for around three to six weeks before you will head into the week of body recovery. As opposed the first series where you did the six workouts a week, you will now be doing five of them with your choice of taking two days for recovery. In the program these would be days three and seven. With the original third section you would do some workouts from the first two. That is now over. Before it was all about muscle confusion where you would cycle the exercises in and out. Now, all three sections contain their very own set of workouts. The yoga and plyocide modules are intertwined of course, however all the resistance styled workouts from each section will have its own set of goals. These sections are Foundation, strength and performance.

What P90X2 Equipment do I need?

P90X2 EquipmentWhat are the equipment requirements? Well, you can get started with nothing. However, will definitely want to upgrade at some point. The items that we think are most important are a pull up bar. Push up bars, especially if you have sore wrists during regular ones. Also, a VERY sturdy chair will be needed.

What convenience equipment would be helpful? To increase your personal comfort, a yoga mat is a great addition. A medicine ball that you are comfortable working with. You will be doing a lot of balance maneuvers to increase your strength. You may even need a few additional ones of different weights depending on the exercise. A stability ball is nice to have a round. A pull up assist is a great convenience item to have. Tony, in the video series will show you how to get a similar effect with a chair but its not quite the same.

The new series in this review on P90x2 has a lot of options available for those with a lack of equipment. So really, its good to try out and just get a feel for things and purchase as needed. There is nothing worse than spending money that you did not need to. Which is the whole point of this site! Just remember that there is a huge difference from doing your run of the mill pushups as opposed to doing them while you balance your self on four medicine balls. It is the support you need to provide to yourself which is the real trick of this amazing program vs many others.

A Full Body Transformation System

The P90X2 transformation system is truly revolutionary. It accomplishes things that many others fail at. You will be building strength paired with flexibility and function with it. You wont be some inflexible, hard body. You will be limber, agile, fit and strong. Your body will be able to protect itself from injuries and sicknesses far better than normal.

The bottom line of this P90X2 review is that it was made with the most current fitness science available. There are very few weak links in the program, they have spent a lot of time and it shows throughout the program. This is not some gimmicky program like many of the others. You can really tell because of all the specialized equipment that has been developed and made for it. They took this truly to a science.

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