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Health & Wellness Folding Helmet in Use

Published on January 31st, 2012 | by Best Reviews


Overade Folding Bike Helmet by Agency 360 in Production!

Fairly recently, I almost lost the life of a dear friend. He was riding his bike and really did not do anything wrong. Yet at a moments notice, he was falling face first into the pavement. Luckily for him, he is very hard headed and only needed stitches and time to heal. However he has a scar to remind him above his eye, forever.

The convenience of a folding bike helmet could have really helped him out. Maybe that little convenience would have had him keep the safety measure a little closer. Because there is little you can do to predict that your bikes bolts may be faulty and break at the axle. Causing your front tire to lock up and send you flying face first over the handlebars.

Overade Folding Bike Helmet

So to increase convenience and usability, french studio Agency 360, or Agence if you are from France, is developing a a foldable bike helmet. Designed originally in 2010, but going in to production this year, the helmet is titled the Overade. The designer Patrick Jouffret, working with engineer Philipe Arrouart, designed it to offer the same protection you could expect to get from a standard helmet. However, as mentioned before, this one folds up when you are not using it for easy storage. Easily fitting in to a briefcase, backpack or purse.

The company was the winner of the 2010 Grand Innovation Award under the design category which took place in Pairs. Ultimately, it will decrease to be about one third the size compared to when it is fully open.

The goal was to design a comfortable product, in regards to ventilation and adjustability, including the strap and even the helmet shape.  We’ve taken the basic helmet one step further, providing enhanced functionality.“ the company had stated.

I applaud them for their endeavors. This may save lives, many of them. So if this is something that may enable you or a loved one to wear one. Than that one sale has made the whole venture worthwhile in my opinion. So strap on that folding bicycle helmet when you are out riding folks, it could mean life or death.

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