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The CarMD Reviewed, Does it Really Work?

Automotive CarMD Review Code Reader

Published on August 5th, 2013 | by Best Reviews


The CarMD Reviewed, Does it Really Work?

One of my personal weaknesses is vehicle maintenance. I just never really learned the best way of keeping track of the overall health and serving of my car. When problems actually do arise, no matter how small, I have to take my car to the mechanics. This can often be quite costly.

Since we first time that we let you know this product was on the way, we noticed that there was tons of people searching out on the internet for Scams or Complaints for CarMD. We definitely spent a good amount of time researching into it. I have discovered the downsides and the upsides to the unit. And believe me, there are some negative points, but my hopes are high for my new vehicle doctor that is on the way

Does CarMD Work? Consumer Reports Complaints

Does CarMD Work

So as we dive into this CarMD review rating, let’s look at a handicap of the product. You really need to know, Does it Work? The the car diagnostic vehicle health system device is not going to be able to clear the check engine lights for you. What this means is that if you were hoping to repair your car and use this, you will need to find another way to clear the codes. It is just not setup to remove them off of your cars computer. For everyone else, you don’t want to clear the codes anyways! If you did the mechanic would have no idea what is wrong with it when you take it in. If you are just looking for an easy to use product, that gives a good report and helps you figure out the costs of repairs needed, the CarMD may be for you.

We will walk you through as we hook up the device up to my 2007 Subaru Legacy, which really had no known issues at the time. Maybe it could tell me something about my exhaust system; we did buy it used after all. Once plugged in I simply turned on the car and it quickly begins to access the on board computer system of my vehicle. After about 10 seconds there was the four beep pulse to confirm it is completed.

It is now time for the moment of truth, is this going to even tell me anything? In fact, I got a green light from the CarMD telling me that there were no codes or issues found. Well that is too bad for our little review or was it?

Once that the unit was plugged in, it quickly installed itself and pulled up a web browser to the products report portal website. I provided it all my information to get the account going and the last thing it needed was my VIN number. Ahh the one thing I forgot to grab! Take a look at the video unboxing below to see how it all went down.

Car MD Diagnostic Code Warns of Serious Issue!

One thing you may have noticed in the video was that I had a recall notice. In fact a pretty important one it would appear. Here is what could happen to me.


Not exactly something I am looking forward to experiencing. Score one for the CarMD team. This really shows you what you could be missing. My car is fairly young, but has had some mileage put on it. I was not expecting a whole lot. This really shows how much use someone might get out of a this product.

So in conclusion of our CarMD assessment, you need to decide for yourself if this is the right product for you. Are you a person who will need to clear the codes off your car after you do some work to it? I think many of you may fall in to the category like me. You just want to know to expect to pay for the repairs, what is going wrong with it and general maintenance and recall information. All of this in one easy to find place presented in a user friendly way. I know I would not want to risk accidentally clearing the codes off!

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3 Responses to The CarMD Reviewed, Does it Really Work?

  1. Mad Customer says:

    Buyer Beware!!! CarMD cannot erase codes, you can only set up 3 cars total and that’s it. If you want to set up any additional cars you must pay them $15.00 for each additional car. What a scam!!! I can buy plenty of other OBD2 readers on the market that do more than this reader does and don’t have to pay extra for more than 3 cars. RIP OFF!!!

    They wouldn’t even let me return it…. poor customer service! They even count shipping time in your 30 day return policy.

    Just go to Auto Zone and they’ll do this same check for FREE!

    • Best Reviews says:

      You are very right. CarMD will not take off the warning codes from your car. If you read near the bottom of the review we address that.

      Please consider this, making up random percentage, 90% of people likely should not erase the warning codes themselves! Even if you purchase another reader that can, think before you do it!

      When would you want to erase your codes? If you did the work on your car yourself.

      When not to? If you plan to take it into the shop. Because if its gone, they wont know what your car thinks is wrong with it. Unfortunately, automotive repair techs are not psychics and can’t just look at your engine and say, “Oh the *insert car part* is malfunctioning.”

      Not every product is right for everyone but the CarMD may be right for certain people. One of the main things it does is provide you with additional information and estimated repair costs. Not just X is broken. The service you are paying for is the detailed report and also additional details about your car. See how my CarMD alerted me to factory recalls? Most of the other ODBII readers just give you a code and you look it up in the book and see what its referring to. Then you have to do additional research if you want to know how much it will cost to have the work done etc. CarMD just makes it simple and prevents you from causing damage (deleting the code when you should not have).

      So in conclusion, I am sorry you had a bad experience. You should have read our review first. Let us know your experience with another brands ODBII reader is like.

  2. Anibal Gutierrez says:

    CarMD works the first two times for me on my Nissan Altima 2005 but when my Isuzu Rodeo 1998 Engine Light came on, it shows Code P1441 suggesting to replace the Air Purge Valve which cost $150.00 it works for one month then the Check Engine light came on again, I requested this part to be replaced from the dealer, they did, re-installed again, one month after the Check Engine light came on again, at this point I took my SUV to my mechanic, after he used his professional scanner told me that I need to replace the gas cap, I did and it’s been working ok since then.
    I called CarMD to see if I can get any refund for this part, they have on records that I check my car twice and the same code came up, I have my receipts of the part, the replacement form for this part and the receipt of the gas cap but they insist the CarMD diagnostic was ok.
    This scanner do not have a reset check engine light feature and you are limited to use it only in three cars, at this point I’m disappointed to have this unit. I will purchase another one from a local auto parts.

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