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Published on December 13th, 2011 | by Best Reviews


CarMD 2100 on its Way, is it a Scam?

Update: CarMD Review and Installation and Use Video is Up!

Put me in front of a computer, electronics or preferably a video game and I am in my comfort zone. Give me a car with complaints and I am a deer in the headlights. Really, I know next to nothing beyond changing my tire when it goes flat.
This raises some obvious concerns for me and leaves me vulnerable to a scam. This is the second most expensive thing I own, next to my house. That check engine light comes on, strange noises from under the hood or worse yet, it simply wont start! My life and my finances are now extremely vulnerable to scams from the car repair shops. My job is also in jeopardy if I am not able to get in.

Enter the CarMD 2100 tool. A device that claims to plug in to your cars computer and essentially tell you what is wrong. That check engine light should no longer be a mystery. What needs repaired and the common costs from a mechanic will be provided. Maybe it is even simple enough to do myself once it tells me the problem. It even is claimed that it will let you know if your vehicle will pass the emissions test. That is information than can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars!

CarMD ScamAs a BzzAgent I have been offered and will be reviewing this product. I will be performing an in depth review of this product in the coming days. This will be a completely unbiased report of my experience with it. As mentioned above, I know next to nothing about cars nor how to use any products like this. So it will be a learning experience for us all. My only experience, similar to this product, is when I took my car to Autozone and they hooked me in for a diagnosis. The idea of doing it myself is very novel.

The vehicle systems (only for cars 1996 and newer) that the product will be getting codes and information from are as follows;

  • Powertrain: Check Engine Light / Vehicle Sensors
  • Body: ABS / Breaking Systems
  • Chassis: SRS / Safety Systems
  • Emission Systems

Here is a link to a sample report that was generated by the program.

Does CarMD Work, Any Complaints?

Does CarMD Work

I am hoping that the product is as great as the promotional material on their website makes it out to be. Upon completing initial research, I have noticed that there is a lot of concern with the product being a scam and if there are any complaints on it. In fact according to Google there is approximately 2,600 searches in one month directly related to it. My goal here is to give a completely uninfluenced product review. So I have not investigated any further into the matter and will be giving my lone experiences with it. I assure you, you will get the complete scoop and find out, does CarMD work review.

Like me, I am sure you are after the peace of mind a product can give. My order will be here soon and we can begin the unboxing process. At the end of my report you will know first hand if its just some kind of CarMD scam or what complaints have found with it. So here we wait with an open mind and an open mail box.


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